Rizomatica - Nuove Forme di Coesistenza. Festival of Arts and the Environment

During April and June, Marea will touch the shores of Matera and Basilicata for Rizomatica. Nuove forme di coesistenza. The arts and environment festival promoted by the Matera 2019 Foundation, which we are delighted to curate!

Environmental, ecological catastrophes, political, social, economic, or migratory crises have become the lens through which we read contemporaneity, making any possibility of the future nebulous. But crisis is not only the acme of the world's disease; it is the transformative force that inspires us to take a stand before the complexity of the present, instilling hope for a better future.

Environmental movements, philosophical theories, and practices of collectives and artists, but also the propulsive drive of informal groups of young individuals, have embarked on a path of everyday awareness. This collective effort sees the network, the circularity of ideas and actions, as the only strategy to put into practice another way of seeing, living, and breathing together. 

Rizomatica is an invitation to experience the subversive power of catastrophe by overturning the current state of permanent emergency. It aims to rethink new forms of reconnection and coexistence between individuals and nature, celebrating unprecedented scenarios through art and culture capable of inspiring the choices humanity will face in the near future.

After opening the festival with the film Futura (2021) with students from Moliterno on World Earth Day, Rizomatica continues on Saturday, May 4, in Matera with the screening of Women of Earth and a talk with director Elisa Flaminia Inno.

Dive into the program and come visit us!