The Residences

Casa Erato

Casa Erato is the ancient residence of the late 1700s owned by Lia Irace. It is located in Praiano, very close to the town center, along the path that leads to the Path of the Gods. You are immersed in a place where time has stopped, among secular olive trees, flowering trees, and terraces planted with lemon and vegetable gardens. 

Vittoria Caracciolo and Pasquale Irace had bought it in 2003 as an extension of the old family home. Subsequently, it is Lia who takes care of the restoration work respecting the original fabric of the house, which has ancient vaults and terracotta floors of Ogliara, widespread in the families of the Neapolitan aristocracy during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Casa Erato is enriched with works by artists from the Amalfi Coast, including a splendid guache by Paolo Sandulli representing a praianese marina from 1990with its sunny beaches.  Opening the window from Casa Erato means immersing yourself in Praiano's lush nature and the Mediterranean's blue, losing your gaze between the island of Li Galli, the Faraglioni of Capri, and nearby Positano.

Quant’è bello guardare, come Ulisse, in un giorno chiaro verso sud-est, con sullo sfondo la ripida costa afosa e le montagne cristalline.

Si abbandonano gli dei di oggi e si scopre il nuovo, un se stesso perduto, mediterraneo, anteriore.
Herbert Lawrence