Collective ৺ ෴ ර ∇ ❃ ﹌﹌

Marea 23

Marea 23 is the third edition of the Marea Art Project artistic residency program.
It sees the participation of the Collective ৺ ෴ ර ∇ ❃ ﹌﹌ composed of researchers and curators Sonia d’Alto, Claudia Gangemi, Susanna Gonzo, Sofia Melluso, and Nao.

Collective ৺ ෴ ර ∇ ❃ ﹌﹌

It is a polymorphic study group born in October 2020 between Palermo, Naples, and Berlin. The intent is to explore the intersection between feminism and the question of southern Italy, reworking traditional myths and historical narratives to create multitemporal alliances with the present.

Their approach involves using the dialogic form and self-education as practices of common imagination. Their position concerning the study of traditions and mythologies is based on a reinterpretation as a strategy of reappropriating what has been subtracted from modern, colonial, and patriarchal structures. Digging into the historical sedimentation and the intertwining of expropriations. Mythologies and traditions thus become a means of resistance, with which to act on multiple temporalities and geographies while starting from a specific context.

The methodological practices they are exploring as a group consist of listening to a place, its landscape, its past, and future memories, its human and non-human inhabitants, and its dream substratum. These explorations occur through joint exercises (with the possibility of more or less extensive participation) such as self-awareness, collaborative writing, drawing, group readings, field recordings, sound meditations, self-hypnosis exercises, rituals, and psycho-tales.