The Residences

Casa Federica

Owned by Alberto Pontecorvo, Casa Federica is located in Praiano, a thousand steps from the Path of the Gods, so loved and dreamed of by David Herbert Lawrence, and five hundred from Cala La Gavitella beach, an amphitheater of rocks that echoes the sea.

Part of an ancient building of 1700 but with a more modern architectural structure, Casa Federica, with its picturesque colors and the fresh marine light that floods every corner of the house, inspired Imma and Roberto for the birth of Marea.

Since 2019 it has been a meeting point and reference point for the cultural production of Praiano with the presentation of theatrical pieces and concerts aimed at the local community. It is, in fact, in his living room suspended over the sea that Imma and Roberto have conceived the theatrical festival Adda passà à vernata which, to paraphrase Eduardo De Filippo, was a way to evade winter, being together and sharing moments of carefree sociability during the most challenging months of the year, just when hotels, restaurants, and bars on the coast lower their shutters and the community goes out.

During the festival, Le Cuntastroppole composed by Stefania Spanò and Angela Severino performed, recounted ancient "Cunti" (tales) through lessons from Basile to Imbriani. Alessandro D'Auria entertained the public with two original shows: I Cappellai Matti and Il Mercante in fiera.The comic duo Germano Ciaravola and Francesco Rivieccio revived goliardic moments through a cabaret show inspired by the Neapolitan macchietta.

Casa Federica is all this and always in progress! To reach it, let yourself be guided by the artistic itineraries of the Praiano Naturarte project, following the song of the Janare by the artist Enzo Caruso or accompanying Ulysses on his journey to Ithaca through the works of Sandro Mautone.

It is from there that the journey will begin in the blue.