The Residences

Casa Tuti

Casa Tuti is a beautiful residence owned by Sandra Belcredi located in Praiano, very close to Via Masa, the historic fishermen's road, and La Gavitella beach. During the winter storms, when the sea disrupts everything it touches, Casa Tuti is the compass pointing South
in the stormy sea

Casa Tuti was born after a trip made by Tuti Belcredi, mother of Sandra and her sister Daria, when, together with a dear friend of hers, she visited Positano in the spring of the 1950s. "Our mother loved to travel. She was born in Tehran to an Iranian father and an American mother. In 1948 she married our father, Enrico Guastone Belcredi, a diplomat at the Italian embassy in Tehran. We have always traveled a lot with them.

Once in Positano, struck by the beauty of the place, they decide to explore the entire Amalfi Coast, and on the way back, they stop at the only bar in Vettica di Praiano to have a coffee. They discovered the beautiful Piazza and Church of San Gennaro," say Sandra and Daria.

"Our mother asked the owner of the bar if, by chance, she knew of a house to rent for the summer." Thus it was that Mrs. Carmela organized a meeting with Domenico Rispoli, owner of an old rural house in the village of Via Masa.

As per tradition, there was a large oven on the ground floor, sheltered by a vine pergola. Domenico was a pastry chef and baker. Moreover, there was a cistern for rainwater, cellars, and animal shelters. Under the deep open arches were kept bunches of cherry tomatoes, onion braids, and garlic for the winter. The house was located upstairs.

"For our mother, it was love at first sight: the perfect perspective of the view that embraced the Li Galli Islands, the Faraglioni of Capri, Punta Campanella, and Positano, the charm emanating from the soul of that house with its thick walls and arches the convinced immediately. As it was once, a handshake was enough to close the deal.

This is how Casa Tuti became our vacation home, our place of the heart, and the place where our mother found the essence of her artistic inspiration."

Together with her dog Zorba, today Sandra takes care of Casa Tuti and the luxuriant garden that surrounds it among infinite shades, flowering trees, and corners to enjoy the sunset, one of the most beautiful on the Amalfi coast and in the world.
L’aria è il solo limite del mare.
Un peso altrettanto denso sopra, un colore simile,

un corpo espanso grande quanto tutto il pianeta. "poesia di Sandra" di G. Crispiani