The Residences

Casa Eugenia

Owned by the Pontecorvo family for at least five generations, Casa Eugenia is the ancient and bright residence of the late eighteenth century that rises in Positano, in the center of the «vertical village» as the producer of the Ballets Russes Sergei Djaghilev called the pyramidal architecture of Positano.

Eugenia, known as "Miss Pontecorvo," was born in La Spezia. She worked at the Red Cross during the Second World War. After that, she moved to Positano, where she died at the age of 101 years old. She always was a point of reference for the community of Positano, thanks to his generosity and availability.

Part of Casa Eugenia's furniture recalls a family's experience, attentive to the care of detail and always open to conviviality and hospitality: the proof is an inlaid table that can accommodate up to 18 people.

The house is also a beautiful example of the coastal architecture of the late eighteenth century. Of the original body, there is still the main entrance characterized by an ancient porphyry portal. 

The porphyry portal, the ancient doors, the travertine fireplace, the well, the hinged doors, and the original locks of the time are expressions of an excellent work of conservative renovation carried out recently by experienced local artisans.

L’aria è il solo limite del mare.
Un peso altrettanto denso sopra, un colore simile,

un corpo espanso grande quanto tutto il pianeta. "poesia di Sandra" di G. Crispiani