Marea Art Project

The Project

Over the centuries, intellectuals and artists lived on the Amalfi coast, fascinated by its sublime beauty, letting themselves be inspired by the encounter with artisans, ceramists, and artists.
Marea Art Project intends to reactivate this process, positioning the Amalfi coast as a widespread center of contemporary international research and experimentation.

Who is it for?

Marea Art Project is aimed at professionals in the visual arts, dance, music, cinema, literature, theater, and other disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, architecture, design, fashion, science.

The artists in residence will be able to live and deepen their research in old houses in the villages of Praiano or Positano, letting themselves be inspired by the ever-changing atmospheres of the sea and the coast and of the De Li Galli Island, Punta Campanella, and the Faraglioni of Capri.

The project wants to allow living and visiting the coast in an alternative way to the tourist one, in periods of less congestion, letting everyone to know and frequent an otherwise prohibitive territory.

Participation in the residency is by invitation, but open to considering applications that have financial coverage.

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