Even Marea selected among the participants of the program "Ibridazione"

Marea Art Project APS is pleased to announce participation in the Ibridazione program. New policies for the cultural regeneration of places, a path of reflection, study, and collective intelligence among the realities in Italy that deal with culturally based urban renewal, drawing up overall assessments, and looking towards the future.

Launched by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Master U-Rise dell’Università IUAV of Venice and with Lo Stato dei Luoghi association, the objective of the program is to draw conclusions and open new scenarios on the processes of regeneration understood as spaces of action and interaction with territories and local communities, but also as incubators of new relationships between public and private actors.

During the meetings with art and culture professionals, proposals will be put forward and developed related to medium and long-term economic sustainability, the governance of the projects in all procedural phases, the reference regulations in force and possible reformulation, the models of evaluation of the social and employment impacts and repercussions towards stages of consolidation or innovation.

At the end of the work, a series of policy recommendations will be produced, which will then be presented in Venice on 9-10 November through the involvement of various institutions, foundations, and stakeholders.