Marea Art Project aired on Rai3 during the Mezzogiorno Italia program

On 28 October 2023, Marea aired on Rai3 during the Mezzogiorno Italia broadcast.

We told journalist Diego Dionoro about the beautiful energy emerging in Praiano thanks to a network of associations that carry out a series of essential and exciting projects in the area, a significant bottom-up movement aimed at stimulating participatory processes with the resident community.

«Over the years, local policies have only looked at tourism, but there is still a population that lives here.»
We also discussed our work with Marea, thanks to the beautiful collaboration with Carol LeWitt and Stefano Collicelli Cagol, currently Director of the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato. «During the winter, when the season of consumption ends and that of creation begins, the artists can create and experiment in contact with the local community and in deep connection with the territory.»

Listen to the interview and follow the flow.