Producer Paco Del Rosso and his musical project Sin Tiempo

Brussels-based French Producer Paco Del Rosso will be in residence with us on the Amalfi coast for the next few weeks. Multi-instrumentalist and multifaceted composer,

After studying at the Lyon Conservatory of Music in 2015, he began his solo project, Sin Tiempo. Following the release of «Blu,» his debut EP, he experienced a rapid rise, opening concerts for many international artists and playing at important festivals.

Since 2019, Paco has gained visibility as a music producer for recognized artists in Europe and the United States, including Damso, Silly Boy Blue, and Rimon. He has also composed original soundtracks for short films and collaborated with contemporary artists, trying to establish connections between music and the other arts.

After some time away from his solo project, Paco decides to spend a period in residence with Marea to work on his first album, Sin Tiempo. From his hybrid and unique approach to his sound, Paco undoubtedly represents the future of the French music scene.

During the artistic residency on the Amalfi Coast, Paco Del Rosso will work on his musical album, a full-length that will mark his first solo studio album. «This album is a fictionalized autobiography, narrated within the fiction framework. I want it to be very vivid and detailed, like a director's work, presented in a musical form. I will write the lyrics as if I were working on a screenplay and perform the songs as if I were playing a role.

The album will be presented in three acts, each representing a phase of life: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The story I want to convey in this album is autobiographical: I drew much inspiration from my cultural background, mainly from my Italian family roots and my childhood memories linked to my grandparents. The concepts of memory and its transmission were all sources of inspiration." During his stay, Paco will collaborate with artists from the Neapolitan music scene who will be the guests on his first album.